“The Glasair Sportsman is the Glastar’s big brother"

Glasair Sportsman 2+2

The Sportsman 2+2 is a new addition to the extremely popular Glastar family of aircraft. Building upon the Glastar heritage, the Glasair Sportsman 2+2 is the only four-place general aviation aircraft on the market that is a tail-dragger, trike, float ready, wing folding, trailerable, high-utility aircraft, all rolled into 1!

Glastar enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover that the Sportsman not only continues, but improves upon the Glastar’s reputation for unmatched utility, performance, and value, with a truly cavernous luggage area and optional second row “jump seat” for 2 rear-seat passengers (up to 5’ tall).

“The Sportsman is the Glastar’s big brother”, said Ted Setzer, V.P. of Research & Development, and the project manager on the Sportsman. The Sportsman has a nearly 1,000 pound useful load, and, with 2 pilots and full fuel, the Sportsman will not only haul over 300 pounds of gear, cargo, or extra passengers, it will easily handle all of the bulky stuff you never thought you’d take with you in your airplane – 2 sets of golf clubs, snow skis, 9’ fishing rods and reels, folding tables, chairs, aluminum framed backpacks, all kinds of camping, hiking and scuba gear and lots of it!” said Setzer. Taking all of this with you, you can cover 600 miles in 4 hours and still have a ½ hour fuel reserve.

Glasair Sportsman

The Glasair Sportsman is being test flown in the tail-dragger configuration on Goodyear 26” tundra tires. (It will also be available in the tri-cycle configuration.) The prototype Sportsman is outfitted with the optional second row “jump seat” and is powered by a normally aspirated, 180 hp Lycoming O-360, swinging a Hartzell 80” constant speed propeller. Even though the prototype is being flown with the draggy tundra tires and without any wing-to-strut or strut-to-fuselage fairings, it is seeing cruise speeds of 147 mph/130 kts and yet stalls at a mere 49 mph/43 kts.

Float-plane enthusiasts will find that the Sportsman is unmatched in its class for its hauling capacity, useful load (~ 1000 lbs), long range for getting deep into the back-country, and very impressive water performance. Based upon Glastar floatplane performance data, the Sportsman is expected to have takeoff runs in the 9 – 12 second range.

Pilots who demand a conventional wheeled aircraft will find the Glasair Sportsman rugged and tough, yet easy to take-off and land with good forward visibility in the 3-point attitude. With the 26” tundra tires, the Sportsman boasts 18” of prop clearance even with the 80” Hartzell propeller. On standard 6.00 x 6.00 wheels and tires and a 74” cruise prop, pilots can expect to have similar clearances for rough field operations.

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