Live Air Traffic Control Audio Feeds From Around the World

Here you will find Live Air Traffic Control audio and where you'll be able to listen to the conversation between pilots and air traffic controllers.

Below you will find some links to live ATC audio feeds.

These feeds include airports in the United States such as Boston, JFK and Chicago. There are also links to Canadian ATC feeds such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Gander/Moncton ACC.

I'm also going to provide feeds to some international Air Traffic Controllers such as Hong Kong and Sydney Australia.

Air Traffic Control Tower

There are other live air traffic control feeds available as well. These live air traffic control feeds include many airports in the United States such as Washington, Dallas, Huston and some smaller airports as well.

There are also live ATC feeds in Canada, such as Gander Oceanic/Moncton Centre, who issues all the clearances to the airplanes travelling the "skyway" to and from Europe.

There are also more International feeds such as Durban South Africa, Mexico, Kuwait International, and Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. To access these feeds, and a whole lot more, please visit LiveATC.Net

These feeds have been used with the express written consent of LiveATC.Net Any reproduction is strictly prohibited. If you wish to hear many more feeds than please follow the link to LiveATC.Net above.

Are you having some trouble understanding what is being said between the pilots and the Air Traffic Controllers on Live ATC? Then click here to visit my Aviation Alphabet page. It may help you to understand what is going on between the air and the ground!

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