Murphy Aircraft Mfg - Canadian Makers of Home Built Bush Planes.

Founded in 1985, Murphy Aircraft has seen steady growth in aircraft designs, sales, personnel, equipment, capabilities, and objectives.

Murphy’s 50,000 square foot facility, computer driven machinery, and expanding engineering staff are ready to tackle a wide range of prototyping and manufacturing activities. Murphy Aircraft is one of few manufacturers using computer-controlled punching machines for accurate hole alignment and precision manufacturing of large parts. The company also conducts rigorous destructive and non-destructive testing of all major components to ensure they meet or surpass certifiable standards. To ensure the utmost in quality control, all major manufacturing is done in Murphy Aircraft’s own production facility by fully-trained staff. As well, Murphy Aircraft is fully equipped with several hundred thousand dollars worth of high volume presses and other equipment to meet the demand for its aircraft.

Below is a list of aircraft supplied by Murphy Aircraft. Clicking on one of the aircraft names will take you to a desciption of the aircraft. The first airplane kit is the Murphy Yukon. It is further below the list. Hope you enjoy the info.

Murphy Renegade

Murphy Rebel

Murphy Moose

Murphy Elite

Murphy Maverick

Murphy Moose

Murphy Yukon

The Murphy Yukon was designed with versatility foremost in mind allowing for seating up to four, an economical engine option with the Lycoming O-360, and a separate cargo compartment and door big enough for your bulkiest items. Perhaps you need more versatility? How about a choice of tricycle or conventional landing gear or even the option for floats - straight or amphibian! More? Well how about jig-less construction and fast build kits to get you to the flightline faster than ever!

Lifestyles are fast moving these days with frequent changes and demands. The Yukon is capable of adapting to these situations with its larger than life passenger cabin and flexible seating arrangements. With four seats in place, there is sufficient room for two tents, coolers, chairs and camping gear for four. Removing the rear seat opens an expanse where you can load items from stretchers to bicycles, or even use as sleeping accommodations!

The Yukon provides excellent cruise performance, docile stall characteristics, forgiving low speed handling and simplicity of construction.

The Yukon follows in the success of the SR2500 Super Rebel and the Moose, using many common parts and design. Based largely on the original SR2500 platform, the concept of the Yukon was to offer a more affordable platform for builders to purchase, operate and maintain. Where the Moose covers the heavy end of the spectrum with its fire breathing radial engine and up to six seats, the Yukon's approach is simplicity and functionality. Staying with four seats and a smaller, lighter powerplant, the Yukon can perform big tasks on a small budget.

Using the same proven and beloved airfoil as the Rebel, Elite and Moose, the Yukon performance will be stellar with additional wing area lightening the wing loading and allowing for quicker takeoffs and slower landings.

The two large main doors, removable seats and the standard extra large cargo door make the Yukon a real utility airplane. The huge cabin interior (two inches wider than a Cessna 180) easily accommodates bulky or long loads such as bikes, skis, furniture, lumber or camping supplies for four! The Yukon can even be used as a photographic platform with the rear baggage door removed.

Hard points for floats are standard and the wheels are adaptable to oversize tires for short, rough bush strips. You can fly almost anywhere carrying just about anything you want. This is a kit aircraft with great performance and airframe strength, the ability to carry a load and room to stow it.

Murphy Yukon

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