Many pilots prefer the Murphy Maverick for it’s performance, visibility and visual appeal.

Murphy Maverick

In many ways the Maverick is a scaled down version of Murphy Aircraft's Rebel model... an ultralight aircraft with a big plane feel to it. Certainly it breaks away from the stereotype looks and feel of ultralights that fall into the "flying lawn chair" category. Though it has an empty weight that’s less than half the weight of a Rebel, it still has a solid feel in the air. It’s a breeze in ground handling and offers high levels of pilot and passenger comfort.

Standard wing span on the Maverick is 29’5". However, wing area can be increased by installing an optional wing extension, thus reducing the wing loading. Performance wise, the Maverick gets airborne faster that the Rebel, due to it’s incredible low weight and ample wing area.

You can do it! Building a Maverick is probably a whole lot easier, quicker, and more economical than you think. You do not need any special skills, any materials beyond what you can order for a kit. We’ve even covered all the logical options so you can get it all at once... from one source.

Murphy Maverick

If you have access to the space of a one car garage, and some common hand tools, you can start building. Even with no experience in fabric covering, you will skin the wings and tail surprisingly easily with the help of a household iron and a paint brush. If you’re willing to give it your spare time attention on a steady basis, you’ll be taking to the air in less than a year.

Murphy aircraft have become known for the excellent quality of parts and the Murphy Maverick is no exception. In fact about 40 percent of the Maverick parts are interchangeable with a Rebel kit. That includes items like strut fittings, some of the landing gear parts, bulkheads, wing root ribs, main spars, aileron structure, leading edges, leading edge ribs, wing attach fittings, tail wheel....

The Maverick was built to conform to stringent Japanese ultralight criteria. It does that and meets the standards of several other nations as well, including Canada’s Advanced Ultralight Regulations TP101.41. The Maverick has recently been accepted under British Section S regulations. In the United States it can be built in the experimental amateur built category or for use as an ultralight trainer.

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