A number of Alaskan pilots have likened the Murphy Moose to a de Havilland Beaver.

Murphy Moose

A true workhorse, the Murphy SR3500 Moose is the perfect STOL aircraft capable of operating from wheels, floats or skis.

Featuring all metal construction, the pre-formed and pre-punched parts combined with the Fast-Build Option make this a perfect project for the first time builder.

Ken Armstrong reviews the Murphy SR3500 Moose in the March 2002 issue of Sport Aviation. "A number of Alaskan pilots have likened the Moose to a de Havilland Beaver. However, the Moose is easer to fly and maintain, and it's certainly cheaper to operate."

Since its conception, the Super Rebel has had its gross weight increased from 2,500 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. and now to 3,500 lbs. with the Murphy Moose. This top of the range aircraft is also engineered to accept engines ranging from 250 h.p. to 360 h.p. including the M-14P, nine-cylinder radial engine.

The Moose is offered as a taildragger only and supports a useful load ranging from 1,700 to 1,850 pounds. Designed in response to numerous builder and prospective customer requests to handle the M-14P radial engine, Darryl Murphy wanted to do more than just add an engine option. He saw no purpose in adding 110 h.p. if it could not be practically and safely used. As one customer based in Africa put it, "the Murphy Moose is perhaps the bush plane everyone has long been waiting for".

When you choose to mount the M-14P on your Moose, you will be the proud owner of an aircraft that not only looks like its distant cousin, the de Havilland Beaver, but will sound and perform like one too. There are few things that make pilots stop and look, but a radial engine starting up will always have that magic.

Murphy Moose

The two large main doors, removable seats, seat rails that double as cargo tie downs, plus the standard extra large cargo door make the Moose a real utility airplane. The huge cabin interior (two inches wider than a Cessna 180) easily accommodates bulky or long loads such as bikes, skis, furniture, lumber, 55 gal. drums, or camping supplies for four! The Murphy Moose can even accommodate a class of parachute jumpers or be used as a photographic platform.

You can fly almost anywhere carrying just about anything you want. This is a kit aircraft with great performance and airframe strength, the ability to carry a load and room to stow it... one fantastic bushplane!

Murphy Moose

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