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SONEX is a basic and economical all metal two place monoplane. Designed to meet the needs of the European and Domestic sport aircraft markets, it can incorporate various light weight contemporary engines of 80 to 120 hp (engine package weight of less than 200 lbs.), and is perfectly suited to the new US Sport Pilot/LSA regulations.

The three recommended powerplants include the 2180cc Volkswagon, 2200 Jabiru, and 3300 Jabiru. Outstanding performance is achieved through its clean aerodynamic shape and simple, light weight construction.

The plans contain many options, including a tailwheel or tricycle landing gear along with a center or dual stick. Motor Mount drawings are supplied for all three recommended powerplants.

Sport Trainer

It is now, also, available in a center-control Sport Trainer configuration.

Sport Acro

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is currently developing the Sport Acro configuration for entry-level aerobatic competition.

About the Kit

The Sonex can be built from scratch using plans, or using our complete kit, which includes many pre-fabricated precision parts.

Pleases visit Sonex Aircraft Company for more information about their products including ordering info, performance, and specification information.

Sonex Aircraft

WAIEX (pronounced "Y-X") is simply a Y-tail Sonex. Built purely for it's good looks and as an homage to earlier John Monnett designs such as the Moni and Monex Racer, the Waiex specifications and performance numbers are identical to those of the Sonex and is perfectly suited to the new US Sport Pilot/LSA regulations. The Waiex has superb flight characteristics and high performance in all phases of flight, including aerobatics.

If you're looking for the ultimate high-performance recreational aircraft with maximum ramp-appeal, the Waiex is for you.

About the Kit

The Waiex is only available in kit form. The Waiex complete kit includes many pre-fabricated precision parts.

Sonex Waiex

The XENOS follows in the Monnett tradition of bringing the cost of motor gliding to a highly affordable level. Using the same cost-effective and easy-to-build construction techniques and materials of the other models, the Xenos offers another Reality Check for the soaring world. The Xenos comes standard with utility wing tips that can be easily removed to fit inside a 40 foot hangar, and can be quickly interchanged with optional aerobatic wingtips.

The Xenos can either be flown as a Sport Pilot/LSA, or it can be flown by pilots that hold a glider rating with a self-launch glider endorsement. The Xenos can be flown as a powered aircraft, a self-launched glider that soars with the engine off, or it can motor-soar over great distances with incredible fuel economy.

About the Kit

The Xenos is only available in kit form. The Xenos complete kit includes many pre-fabricated precision parts.

Sonex Xenos Light-sport aircraft, or LSA, is a classification of aircraft specific to the United States.

The Federal Aviation Administration defines a light-sport aircraft as an aircraft with a maximum gross takeoff weight of less than 600 kilograms (1320 pounds) for aircraft designed to operate from land, 649 kilograms (1,430 pounds) for seaplanes; a maximum airspeed in level flight of 120 knots (222 km/h); a maximum stall speed of 45 knots (83 km/h); either one or two seats; fixed undercarriage and fixed-pitch or ground adjustable propeller; and a single electric motor or reciprocating engine, which includes diesel engines and Wankel engines.

Aircraft which qualify as LSA may be operated by holders of a Sport Pilot certificate, whether they are registered as Light Sport Aircraft or not. Pilots with a private, recreational, or higher pilot certificate may also fly LSA, even if their medical certificates have expired, so long as they have a valid driver's license to prove that they are in good enough health to fly. LSA also have less restrictive maintenance requirements and may be maintained and inspected by traditionally certificated Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, by individuals holding a Repairman: Light Sport certificate, and (in some cases) by their pilots and/or owners.

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